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His Voice

When I was two and a half years old, I was diagnosed with Autism. At first, it was really tough for my family to understand me, but one thing never changed, my love for them. They had to learn that I just expressed it differently.
I had some delays in my development, like not being able to use the potty chair until I was four years old, and not speaking until almost seven. But my family and my specialist worked with me every day to help me communicate using tools, and eventually with words. They also helped me deal with my sensory overloads so that I could become the best version of myself.
Over time, I started doing things that the doctors had said I wouldn't be able to do. I found my voice and used it! I started asking for things that I wanted, like playing with my trains and building blocks, using my iPad, and going to the park. Although my words were sometimes hard to understand, my family's prayers, love, and patience, along with the help of skilled professionals and teachers, showed me that I could defy the odds after all!
Now, as a high schooler, I'm really active in sports and I love volunteering, especially for people who are less fortunate than me. I also help my classmates when they need it. Thanks to all the support and services that I received, I'm able to articulate my words, feelings, and thoughts really well.
I hope you'll follow my journey and my mission at Jaden's Voice. It's super important that families get the support they need to help their children find their voice, even if it's not verbal.


Her Voice

In 2009, my youngest child, Jaden, was diagnosed with Autism. I understood immediately what an enormous challenge this would be for our family. However, after I dried a few tears then prayed I made a commitment to myself, my family, and to Jaden that we would never lower our expectations for him simply because of the challenges that autism may present for him. As I researched and secured services to help Jaden, I quickly realized a deficiency of viable options to meet the needs of the families in the underserved population who faced the same issues. It became apparent to me that unless a family had extensive financial resources, the essential needs of a child with autism could go unaddressed.
Along my journey I discovered that families with financial resources had a common theme with those without them. They lacked support, guidance and understanding leaving them to feel alone, mentally exhausted, forgotten and not heard or seen.This realization inspired me to take action and find ways to address the needs of the underserved and underrepresented families across the nation then across the globe who are facing the challenges of autism.
This dilemma gave me the motivation to found Jaden’s Voice Foundation in 2010. To date, I personally committed over $500,000 of my own resources to Jaden’s Voice, Inc. in hopes to bring change, opportunity, awareness, services and support to families around the world.
Our goal...was to be their voice until they were strong enough to have their own.


Our History

Jaden’s Voice was founded in 2010

Jaden's Voice Foundation, founded in 2010 by Terri Matthews, has been providing critical support and resources to families impacted by autism. Terri's personal commitment and investment have been instrumental in allowing the foundation to give over $500,000 and serve more than 3400 families with various services, including IEP support, therapies such as sensory, occupational, and behavioral, family support groups, conferences, free sensory-friendly events, autism play dates, food, toys, and school supplies.

In addition to supporting families, Jaden's Voice has also collaborated with hospitals, schools, state agencies, military, and universities in the United States and other countries to increase autism awareness and provide resources to underserved and underrepresented communities. Through these collaborations, the foundation has been able to extend its reach and provide even more support to families impacted by autism.

Terri's Emmy-nominated show, "On The Spectrum with Terri Matthews," has been one of the best resources for families impacted by autism, providing informative discussions on important topics and featuring inspiring stories of families and individuals living with autism.

Jaden's Voice is committed to continuing its efforts to provide critical resources and support to families impacted by autism. With Terri's advocacy and the foundation's collaborative efforts, they aim to be the voice of these families until they are strong enough to have their own.

Some of our past and current partners

Brown’s Shoprite, MusicWorks, Toys for Tots, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Operation Warm, Aetna, A Humbled Heart, Spectrum Success 911
and more